Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've been thinking lately of what I want to do/have/be more of. My only problem is, I have the desire to do things... but I just don't have the motivation... or I might do something twice and have a complete falling out of the routine/goal I set for myself. 

I depress myself. It's a vicious cycle. How do you motivate your self to get motivated?
Granted, some of these are just what I want more of. heh.

Anyways, here's a list of these I want to do/have more of!

-READ! Scriptures, magazines, Shannon Hale, American Classics, any other amazing books that every person or female should. I want to read more.

-Ride my bike. I have an awesome, comfortable bike, I don't know why I don't ride it more often, it's one of the few physical activities that doesn't hurt me or burn me out too quickly

-Eat more fruits and veggies. I need to eat healthier in general

-Watch our budget, something probably everyone needs to do more of.

-Sew. I want to learn to be better... I kinda already know how, but I'm not very good.

-Have/wear more dresses & skirts


-Be grateful.

-Become more educated. 

-Drink more water

-Stretch. I really need to be more flexible. 

-Happiness! I'm pretty happy with my life. I have a wonderful husband, a decent job, fun pets, a roof over my head. I need to realize how fortunate I am, and just be more happy about life! 

What does your life need more of?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's been FOREVER since I've blogged. (I know I say that every time, but this one was pretty bad) So I'll just do quick one-liners of what's been going on for the past month and a half

-I had my 21st birthday **party sounds and streamers**
(this was the awesome crown I got from work, woo woo)

-Ryan got me a pink digital camera for my birthday (the cool taylor swift panoramic one)
-For my birthday, Caitlin and Laurel took me on a scavenger hunt, re-living/commemorating the last 21 years of my life. One of the things was chewing and blowing bubbles with gum. We had a contest. I dominated.

-We had a "dip party" at my parents house, friends and family were invited. It was perfect weather and good food!
-Ryan celebrated his 29th birthday this year!
-We went to the beach to celebrate his birthday
-I got him a ukulele, he plays "hey soul sister" often and I sing along
-Benson LOVED the beach.

-We celebrated the 4th of July at The Weckers, my parents came too. It was a very laid back celebration in good company.
The Wecker Kids on 4th of July
Hayden (2) Jordan (8) Aubree (5) Ethan (6)
-From Left to Right-

-Ryan competed in the state games of Oregon and got 3rd place in Long Jump and 1st place in Javelin
Ryan & his fellow student & friend Jordan Gray 
(Jordan got 1st in Long Jump)
My Stud of a Husband Throwing Javelin

-We saw Knight & Day and thought it was pretty cute.
-We made rhodes rolls and had honey butter with them. YUM
-I have had Sciatica in my toes, balls of my feet and occasionally tips of my fingers for over a month now.
-It got very hot, very quickly for about 2 weeks. It's cooler now and the pets are a lot happier.
-Yesterday (sat the 17th) we went on a hike with Jake and Catherine up in Boring with both Pepper, and Benson (parents are in Hawaii and Pepper needed some extra lovin) It was fun, but I was reminded of how out of shape I am. heh.
-We got a puppy! It was unexpected and not what we were planning, but it just happened.
Meet Artie! He's a miniature long haired daschund. He's the cutest thing you've ever seen and about 8 weeks old.