Thursday, November 15, 2012

That Awkward Moment...

So this happened about 4 months ago, but I never got around to finishing the story and posting it, so here you go. Feast upon and laugh at my awkwardness.

So yesterday I was on my way to Debbie's house (my floral boss) I had just pulled off the freeway and was stopped at a light when I looked on my dash and I saw a little symbol lit up that wasn't lit up a minute ago. I am not a car mechanical savvy girl, however I did know that that meant something was wrong with my tire pressure. As the light turned green and I started to drive I heard this strange thel-ump thel-ump thel-ump sound I pulled over into a parking lot that had a little pizza place, a plaid pantry and some quaint little dive called the lucky rooster. The rear passenger tire was flat. Fantastic. Luckily I was only about 10 minutes from Debbie's house, I was in a parking lot, not the side of the road (parked next to a cop car no less) I still had cell service, it wasn't dark, it wasn't raining, I had my trusty wuss of a guard dog Artie with me, and the tire didn't blow out.
I wasn't hurt, there was no accident, all things considering I am blessed.
I called Jason (Debbie's hubby) for him to come help me. I had never changed a tire before. I was seven months pregnant trying to change a tire on a new car and I bet my body pillow I wouldn't have been able to loosen the lug nuts on that tire even with my super human pregnant strength no matter how hard I tried. As I waited I tried to figure out where the crap the spare tire even was, our last car it was under the back storage compartments, on this one (as I now know) it is tethered underneath the car and you use the tool to loosen the cord to bring the tire down. As I was fiddling around trying to figure stuff out a gentleman that had looked friendly going into the pizza place, came out and asked "do you need help?" "well yeah kinda, I have a friend on the way, you can take your pizza to your family." He said, no they can wait and proceeded to try and help me figure out how to get my spare tire out and changed. While he was on his hands and knees looking under his car, his shirt had pulled up a little bit and revealed the very top 1/2 inch of garment bottoms showing from underneath his shorts.

Without thinking I ask, "are you LDS?"
Him: "Uh.. yeah... how'd you know that?"
I panicked and glanced at his hand for a CTR ring, no such luck. I didn't want him to think I just automatically look to see if he was a boxers or briefs kinda guy. It just happened!
"......I uh... saw the band of your G's sticking out..."

I'm not sure who was mortified more. I could've said "well who else would be so kind as to stop and help a pregnant lady change her tire?!," or "you just had a spiritual glow about you"
but no, it was ,"I caught a glimpse of your undies!!! Hehehe I'm a creeper!!!"
He kinda laughed and tugged at his shirt. Then changed the topic and asked what ward I was in and yada yada yada. Jason came and he and Doctor Iceman (he's a dentist, of course he's a dentist, half the mormon men I grew up around were dentists) changed my tired, I thanked him profusely and he went on his way. It was a moment of gratitude... Except for a few days later when getting a new tire cost me $70. But that's a whole different saga.

So the moral of the story is, don't tell someone you've never met before you know something about them by telling them you saw what kind of underwear they are wearing. *facepalm*

I had a baby

I apologize that this post has taken forever... but, either way, here is Ella's birth story...

I admit. I had a easy pregnancy. Then, I had an even more ridiculously easy labor and delivery.
Here's the story if you feel so inclined to read...

At 36 weeks I was dilated to a 2 and 50% effaced. A week later I was at a 3 and 50% effaced.

 He raised his red flag and told me if I kept working the way I was, (which was a lot that week, 8 hour days at Bed Bath and then prepping for a wedding every night) I was going to have to ask my co-workers how they felt about cleaning up placenta cause I was progressing so quickly.
He wrote me a note saying I had to take it easy at work. Which definitely helped.
The only other problem was I also had a really big wedding that weekend that needed to be delivered to McMinnville. I got a pretty exasperated look from him on that one. But he said no. You are not going to McMinnville. Because if I went to McMinnville and went into labor while in McMinnville, I would get stuck in the little town of Dundee. On labor day weekend. Where the closest hospital to deliver at would be my hospital, over an hour away.

Come Sunday, I didn't go to the wedding. But I decided, "Hey, lets try to go into labor." So Ryan and I went to the mall to do some air conditioned mall walking. We walked and walked. I used the escalator as a stair master more than once. I jogged (yes jogged) up the 6 flights of stairs of the Nordstrom parking garage and back down. We went to target and I had to return some stuff and then we went home. When we got home and after I had bounced on my exercise ball for a half hour or so I decided to lay down before dinner. This was around 5pm and I was really excited cause Dad was grilling salmon. Mmmmm. Then... ow.. that really hurt.... 6 minutes later.... OUCH that contraction REALLY hurt. but I didn't think too much of it. I didn't think I had actually done it. I didn't think I had actually gotten myself to go into labor. So I didn't write them down for 15-20 minutes. I had Ryan come in and lay down with me and help me relax. We started to write them down as we ate dinner... 5 minutes... 6 minutes... 8 minutes... 6 minutes... So I called labor and delivery. Told her my situation and how progressed I was on Tuesday. She asked, "do you want to have a natural birth?" and I said "HA! No. Give me the drugs" and she said okay well come on in. (apparently if I wanted to have a natural birth she would have said wait till the contractions are 4 minutes apart then come in)

So Ryan and I load up our stuff (luckily we had installed the car seat that morning so it was ready to go) and went to the hospital. They put us in a triage room and right as the nurse was telling me, we are going to wait a while and monitor your contractions before we have the doctor check you... MY DOCTOR walks in cause he was the Doc on call! HA! It was awesome. He looked at me with a "what are you doing here?" look on his face and I just smiled and said, "hey look I didn't go to Mcminnville!!"  Haha.

We were admitted and moved to room 10. Called Mom and Dad and everyone else saying "We're gonna have a baby!!!!" At this point, it was around 6pm.

We walked the halls, Caitlin and Robbie came to visit, Mom and Dad came to visit. Doctor Traynor came and checked me again and said I was only to a 5. My options were to break my water, have me
walk around and try to progress things and then get an epidural, or to get and epidural, break my water and see how that progresses while staying in bed and if things don't go quick enough after 2 hours to give me some meds to help speed things along.

I chose option number 2, get epidural first and then see what happens. Getting the epidural wasn't as horrible as I thought it could be. I have a problem with my lower back on the right side, and for some reason I could feel weird pain there at first, but then it went away and I was all tingly. I got the epidural around midnight. Since I couldn't feel anything all of us took the opportunity to get some rest. Mom, Dad, Caitlin and Robbie had gone home, but told us to keep them updated.

Two hours later I woke up and my legs felt like baluga whales. Ryan woke up to me punching myself in the thigh. he kinda freaked, "What are you doing?!?" and I said, "I can't even feel that!!!" It was so bizarre!

Dr. Traynor came in and check me and said I was to a 9 and fully effaced, and would be ready to start pushing... IF I could feel anything... which I couldn't. And he said, "well, we need you to be able to feel the contractions a little bit", and I said, "doesn't that defeat the purpose of the epidural? Can I just try to push anyway?" but he said no, and they turned the meds down and said we'll start pushing in an hour.  I called Caitlin, Mom & Dad to update them. Mom had previously said she didn't want to be in the room, but I didn't want to not call them and have her wish she would've come. Caitlin showed up around 3:30am I think.. my parents around 3:45am. Thats about the time Dr. Traynor came in and asked if I could feel anything, I still said no, but can I push anyway? He said okay fine we'll wait another 10 minutes and if you still can't feel anything you'll start pushing anyway. As he and my delivery nurse Lisa got on some of their delivery gear, and right after they explained how I should push and what it will feel like, I could feel the contractions! At one point before all of this, Caitlin speedily french braided my hair so it would be out of my face and not look completely horrendous, cause I wasn't sure how messed up gross I was going to look after it was all over, I was very grateful to have her there!

At 4:05 a I started to push. Caitlin, Mom & Dad (who had his eyes closed to not see more than he needed to but being in the delivery room more than enough times could hear exactly what was going on) were sitting on the couch and chair to my right, Ryan was up by my head and would whisper in my ear and help me remember to put my chin to my chest while pushing. I pushed three or four times.  I remember asking if I was doing it right, because I couldn't really feel what was going on down there.  Lisa and Dr. Traynor both enthusiastically said, "you're doing great!  You want to feel her head?"  I said, kinda meekly, "no thanks, I'll just wait until she's out.  How many more pushes do you think?"  He said, "maybe three or four."  I think I pushed two more times, then he said, "hmm... ok, maybe only two or three more times."  And before I could even feel the next contraction, as the doctor was looking at the monitor, Lisa looked down and said, "uh, doctor?"  He then looked down as well and said, "oh!  Okay...  push push push!"  So I pushed...  then I feel a quick build-up then release of pressure.  I hear mom say, "oh Aly!"  At 4:28 am, I look up and see this little, squirmy, sticky-looking baby in the doctor's arms.  And I say (tenderly and highly-medicated), "oh!  My little alien!"  They put her on me, and she was sticky... and kind of gross.  Ryan got to cut the umbilical cord, even though he had said beforehand that he didn't want to when the doctor had asked.  He's glad now that he did.

While I was getting cleaned/stitched up, the baby nurse took Ella to give her her first exam and take her weight and footprints.  Apparently, epidurals make you a little loopy after birth.  I don't remember how many times I said, "I just had a baby..."  but it was enough that Dr. Traynor told me that from there on out, every time I said it I owed him a quarter.  Ella got her first bath, then was swaddled and given to me.  We had our first good snuggle, and that was the first time I kissed her.  I know it sounds horrible, but I didn't kiss her when she was covered by the goopy, sticky stuff, it was just a little too gross for me.

Mom, Dad & Caitlin all got to hold her, and then they went home. Then we all slept. We were in the hospital for three days and had lots of visitors. Figuring out breastfeeding has been the biggest challenge. Even though the nurses said I had all the right equipment. Apparently the amount of colostrum  I could produce quickly and efficiently was amazing, awesome and wonderful.  The latching without it hurting was hard. I had to use nipple shields.  I would still try and practice having her nurse naturally but I would still use the shield for 8 out of the 9 feedings (or 22 out of the 23 feedings it feels like) every day. But, for the last 2-3 days she won't eat with it on. She'll only nurse naturally and it doesn't hurt! She doesn't stay on as easy, but it makes feeding her easier cause I don't have to worry about that stupid silicone thing getting lost or falling on the floor and having to clean it or the dogs getting it.

First family photo

Ryan and his baby girl


With Grandma & Grandpa

 Our friends Jake & Catherine are expecting their own little girl in February.

Grandma Leona

Grandpa Roger

Auntie Aimee                                                                                       My Friend Sydney

Ryan's Brothers Family

Going home today!

A little nap before we leave the hospital

Heading home!

Meeting Great-Grandpa Harold

2 Months

My little Ella girl has grown so much! She has already outgrown a handful of pajamas and onesies. When she's awake and happy she will lay on her back and kick kick kick and kick while cooing, squealing and smiling. She has the best smile. She loves her kick and play piano because of this, and smiles at her reflection in the mirror hanging above her, she's started to bat at the toys quite a bit now too.

If you smile and talk to her, she'll usually smile back her cute little crooked grin. Sometimes while she's sleeping, she'll laugh like Sheldon from the big bang theory, a breathy-inhale laugh and then let out a couple of smiles, it cracks me up every time. She has beautiful blue/gray eyes, long full eyelashes and very faint eyebrows.

She has the loudest gas I have ever consistently heard come from a baby. When that girl toots it sounds like an adult! She does not like to sit in a wet diaper. She will get enormously fussy, so you change her, then as soon as you sit down with a clean bottomed baby, she'll noisily fill her diaper and then just look so content...until she realizes she's once again sitting in a dirty diaper... then she'll get fussy again.

She loves to snuggle, but doesn't like to be swaddled. She loves laying in her side-sleeper and looking up at her mobile. She loves when you read to her, so much so that Ryan reads the Jurassic Park out loud to her almost everyday. I sing to her often, and that always makes her smile, her favorite song seems to be Edelweiss.

She is not picky on who can rock and hold her or feed her a bottle if I want a break from nursing. She doesn't mind the bottle at all and eats like a pro. When she's sleeping, I'll usually find her in the "touchdown position" both of her arms up next to her head.

She can't hold her head up on her own quite yet, but she loves to sit up against someone and look around the room, watch the TV or stare at Grandma's quilt.

We love our little girl. She is so sweet and so beautiful. I am amazed when I look at her and think "I made you!" So incredibly cool, weird, amazing, surreal and wondrous all at the same time.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Wanna see my baby move?

I'm such a slacker on the blog. I don't know what's wrong with me. I kinda feel like, yeah I'm pregnant, but I doubt everyone wants to know every single detail about it. Honestly, so far being pregnant is awesome I'm 7 Months today (!!!) and I hardly feel as crappy as I always thought I would. My pregnancy has been easy so far... and for those of my beloved family members that haven't had easy pregnancies.. I guess I don't want to rub it in? I don't know. Either way, I promise to blog more about life's happenings and have not all of them be baby focused.

But,speaking of baby.. wanna see my little squirmer in action?

Pardon the bare belly.. but isn't this the coolest part of being pregnant? Being able to look down at your stomach and see it move and groove? Pardon the awful background noise, that's our lovely washing machine in action.

Happy 7 Months Pregnant to Me! CRAZY!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chocolate Clouds

If you know me, or have ever lived with me, you know I love a good chocolate cake or brownie. Nothing suits me better to have a little chocolate cake fresh out of the oven, not always fully cooked and devoured with a spoon. It was no surprise in college to have every roommate to have a corner of the pan and we'd work our way to the middle of the rich deliciously simple cake. Pudding cake as I dubbed it, and still sometimes make today. Even Ryan who insists he wants his baked goods fully cooked can't resist the warm decadence of a simple chocolate cake.

I love the little chocolate cake. and one day, I didn't want to make it better, cause it was already fantastic and simple enough, I just wanted to use it as a base for different kinds of cakes, like soup stock to make other soups, it would be my cake stock.

So there's this local bakery LITERALLY 10 yards from my front door and they make heavenly cupcakes. My favorite is the cookies & cream cupcake. It's rich and chocolately and seems to have a middle whipped cream/marshmallow layer of frosting. Whenever I walk in, they know what I'm there for.

So I wanted to try and create a cookies and cream substitute, for when I get that Sweet Cakes craving, but can't justify to Ryan the cost of a cupcake every month (or week, or day)

So I made the easy make chocolate cake, and then I added a container of marshmallow creme.  I got a .99 cent little tub of the Winco brand stuff, and mixed it into the batter.  Then I found some random chocolate frosting recipe and added the cream to that. It makes the cupcakes so light and fluffy, and the frosting rich and creamy and light and OMH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SO GOOD.

It's chocolate and marshmallow heaven.


Have a favorite cake recipe? Add some marshmallow cream to it. See what happens.

You'll thank me later.

Today I made a boxed cake mix and added the remaining marshmallow magic cream to the mix to lighten and flavor it up... I'll let you know how they turn out!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day... To Me!

My First Mother's Day... So crazy, wonderful and surreal that even though she's not here in my arms, I am daily keeping her a live and growing a person inside of me, and that's the first step in motherhood. I am so blessed to be feeling so incredibly wonderful and normal so far. I'm 5 and a half months along and sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant! Then nature calls for the 15th time today and I'm reminded about what's going on inside of me... :)

My Mother's Day was more than I could've ever hoped for...

This is what was waiting for me when I came downstairs....


Isn't he the sweetest? He bought the stickers and the frame and put it together with my craft stuff all by himself. I'm so proud and feel so loved he go through all that effort for me.

One craigslist ad, $85 Dollars, a pile of clorox wipes, a Mr. Clean Magic eraser and some borrowed nuts and bolts later.....

We have a crib


It's not the EXACT one we were planning on getting, but it was $65 cheaper, came with a mattress and a drawer underneath for bonus storage space. We only had to drive a mile and a half down the road to get it. I'm not complaining one bit. 

Craigslist for the win.

Best 1st Mother's day! Couldn't ask for a more well behaved child (is that the only year I'll be able to say that honestly? ;) ) And a more sweet and wonderful husband and father for our sweet Baby El

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mom's out there!

Friday, March 30, 2012

If you haven't already heard...

We are having a


sweet, beautiful, smart, generous, adventurous, kind, faithful, loving, fun, wonderful little girl.

(If she's anything like her Father)

Her name is 

Eleanor Olivia Wecker

We'll call her El or Ella for short.

(not Ellie)

Friday, March 16, 2012

What Do You Wear...

To an ultrasound where you might find out your baby has down syndrome?

Yeah you read that right. Apparently my blood test I took two weeks ago showed baby at having an "elevated risk" to have down syndrome.

Elevated meaning 1 in 200 Chance as opposed to the usual 1 in 1,429 for a 22 Year Old Mother to-be.

I'm frustrated. But not scared. I'm nervous. But when the Doc told me on the phone "you have and elevated risk blah blah medical talk blah blah" I didn't get a sinking feeling in my stomach. I don't know if cause in my heart it's not true, or if because either way, it won't matter. Life with a baby, is going to be hard. Life with a DS baby will be a whole different adventure. But that doesn't make me any less excited or in love with this little life growing inside of me. Did you know that 75% of Down Syndrome babies are aborted? I read that yesterday. How terrible. How sad.
I ran into one of my old Young Women's leaders yesterday at work and told her what was going on. She has 4 beautiful multi-talented wonderfully smart normal children. She said with all of them, she had the same thing happen to her.. "elevated risk" with no actual problems with that risk.  I don't believe it was a coincidence I ran into her yesterday. I needed that re-assurance that it could be nothing, from someone I know. Someone that proved that risk wrong.

So who knows?

Maybe my baby will be special. Will I love him or her any less? Of course not. Will raising this child be the hardest, most challenging, rewarding and fulfilling thing I will ever do in my entire life? Of course. Down Syndrome or not, the blessings this baby will be in my life will be the same, the trials may be just a little different, but isn't it like that with every child any one has?

Mine just might have an extra chromosome. Which will only make him or her extra awesome.

I am so incredibly grateful Ryan is going to be able to come with me. What a blessing I was able to get a late in the afternoon shift where he would only need to get off work an hour early, and he's already worked an extra hour this week to get in his 40 hours. I find that to not be just a coincidence either.

I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

$$$ Money! $$$

I am awesome.

No, really. I am awesome. I just saved a bunch of money on my baby stuff by looking on craigslist. :)

Instead of a stand alone  regular bassinet for baby, Ryan and I (well lets face it, mostly I) decided we wanted a co sleeper. It's a nifty little bed for baby that has half of a side missing so you can strap it next to your bed and baby sleeps right next to you, but not in the bed.

Like So...

Nifty eh?
 I really like the funny smile on that baby's face.

The catch was the cost.

on the website they are $189!


Even at target it's $140

But on Monday. Whilst I was doing mountains of laundry catching up on shows on hulu I got the impression....

I need to go on craigslist....

Well, I did.

And I found this little beauty.

FOR 60 BUCKS!!!!

It's in great condition and the lady that sold it to me was really sweet and had the cutest chunkiest babies I had ever seen (that I'm not related to, no one can surpass their cute to chunky ratio)

Mally really likes the storage area underneath....

But Wait There's More!

We also wanted a glider for the nursery.

Most that I have seen are $150 and up.

Guess how much I got this one for on Craigslist?


I am so incredibly happy and excited I followed that little prompting to go on craigslist cause it just saved us A LOT of money on things that we really wanted/needed for the nursery to be. 

Yay!! What has been your best buy of craigslist past??

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Heartbeat Running Away.Beating Like A Drum and It's Coming Your Way

So maybe baby poppet's heart didn't sound like a drum, more like a choo choo train.

Wanna hear?

Baby had just been squirming and moving around like crazy, that's why Ryan said "come on kid start swimming"
obviously baby got a little camera shy cause he/she wouldn't do it again, but it was pretty incredible either way!

And obviously for those who have voted on the gender poll, only one baby, no twins.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

12 Weeks

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

10 weeks

Today I am 10 weeks pregnant with our little poppet.

My body decided to celebrate by making me throw up.
With no warning.
In the middle of the living room.

LUICKILY I had just finished my breakfast and still had my glass in my hand. Needless to say.....

I'll be washing that cup twice.

It other baby news, poppet is the size of a prune. We (hopefully!) have our first ultrasound on Thursday, and get to see/hear baby's heartbeat! We're very excited!!


We are very super incredibly excited and ecstatic about this. It will be right up his alley of working more with computers and software. And it's a Monday through Friday 9-5 kind of shift! We'll be able to have dinner together at a normal time! Yay! :)
The group he'll be working with are all married and have families so when it comes to Dr. Appointments and needing to stay home with me if I'm having a rough day, they completely understand. There's also talk of a possibility that he'll be able to work from home sometime in the future! We are so very excited and blessed for this opportunity and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Facebook 'Friends'

I like facebook.

I'm probably on it way too much.

What I DON'T like about facebook, is when people who I was not friends with in middle/high school friend request me.

What the crap?

We weren't friends.

Why would you FRIEND REQUEST me?

It bugs me.


There's the friend that (TRUE STORY)

I see at the store, whom I haven't seen in person in a long time but.. yeah. easily recognizable. On both counts. She's on facebook a lot too.

Anyways, I smile at her, slow down to stop and say 'Hey, how are you?' and she ZOOMS past me after making eye contact.

What the crap?

**goes home, gets on facebook, finds profile, unfriend? CLICK!**

Is that horrible?

"Don`t spend time with someone 
who doesn`t care spending it with you!!!"

I saw this quote a while ago, and I know every person has an exception, and I don't mean to sound cut throat, cause I'm not. I Love people. I'm a people pleaser. Most importantly a FRIEND pleaser but... Sometimes I feel like I bend over backwards for people who don't respect me or even like me all that much and I deserve better from friends!! Don't you think? Thoughts?


P.S. Have you ever gone to the website unfriendable?! HILARIOUS  Check it out.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Keepin' the classics

Before we were even pregnant, Ryan and I would discuss what movies, cartoons shows our kids would watch. What books and games we'd like to have in our home for them to read and play. Now even more so we talk about such things.  I know that cartoons (like Dora, Sesame Street, Elmo's world and what not) have become educational, and I don't mind that, I'm sure our kid will watch those, but I also want them to watch the classics!

And then of course there's ALL of the older Disney Movies, PIXAR has changed my life, but the classic Disney's formed my childhood!

Then there's Back the the future, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, That Thing You Do!, Princess Bride!

I just can't wait to share these classic movies from both Ryan & I's childhood with our kids. To have us reciting lines from our favorite movies and have them want to dress up as their favorite characters.

Harry Potter will basically become our go to night time story to read.

It's going to be awesome.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Making Snowmen

Snow Men... Snow Women... Snow Baby...