Saturday, July 24, 2010


I've been thinking lately of what I want to do/have/be more of. My only problem is, I have the desire to do things... but I just don't have the motivation... or I might do something twice and have a complete falling out of the routine/goal I set for myself. 

I depress myself. It's a vicious cycle. How do you motivate your self to get motivated?
Granted, some of these are just what I want more of. heh.

Anyways, here's a list of these I want to do/have more of!

-READ! Scriptures, magazines, Shannon Hale, American Classics, any other amazing books that every person or female should. I want to read more.

-Ride my bike. I have an awesome, comfortable bike, I don't know why I don't ride it more often, it's one of the few physical activities that doesn't hurt me or burn me out too quickly

-Eat more fruits and veggies. I need to eat healthier in general

-Watch our budget, something probably everyone needs to do more of.

-Sew. I want to learn to be better... I kinda already know how, but I'm not very good.

-Have/wear more dresses & skirts


-Be grateful.

-Become more educated. 

-Drink more water

-Stretch. I really need to be more flexible. 

-Happiness! I'm pretty happy with my life. I have a wonderful husband, a decent job, fun pets, a roof over my head. I need to realize how fortunate I am, and just be more happy about life! 

What does your life need more of?


  1. More space. More movement. More boring days.

  2. Stretch before you go to bed every night! It's a great sleep-aid, and you always have time to do it! I do it all the time. As far as what I need? Self-Discipline. I have been trying to eat healthy and lose weight, and I keep slacking off. When I get home and it's time to work out, I give up. I really need this motivation that you are talking about!

  3. There will always always be things I want to do better/more. Right now though I'd settle for more energy! I need to start taking my iron supplements so I can not be dead to the world by 2pm. :) Hope you are able to bust out the happiness. Everything is better when you are feeling happy! Love you!

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