Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Something that has never happened before...

I love my job.

I recently got hired at TZ Medical, a medical product manufacturing company.

I was initially hired through the temp agency to work for a week and half while their receptionist went on a cruise, but on my second day of training, they offered me a permanent position.

The CEO retired and everyone moved up so there was a new international/marketing position available for Jessica (the current receptionist) and then I will take her place.

I am super excited about it.

I love the company, the new CEO is the previous CEO's son-in-law and the VP is his brother in law/previous CEO's son, a sister and a wife or two and some cousins of the family also work there, and I know family businesses can be risky, but it's great! They all work so well together and it's such a better atmosphere then my previous job, which makes total sense, it was a body shop, I was the only female for the last 4 months I was there.

I feel so much more comfortable and light working here, my direct supervisor, says I'm doing a great job. so that's always good to hear.

Jessica and I get along really well, we have similar senses of humor, and she's super smart, always using big words and stuff. She's really fun.

I've never had a job I loved before... but I have a really good feeling about this place and I'm SUPER excited about it.

The only downside is that the office is located all the way over in Tigard, which gives me a 45 min commute each way, so because of that, at the end of February (President's Day to be exact) we will be moving to Tigard/King City area to some nice apartments (newer then ours, which is a definite plus) and it's only about 15 minutes away from work. AND there's a washer and dryer in the apartment!!! YAY!  HAPPY DANCE!! There was no way with Ryan's new work shift (1:30pm-10:30pm Friday-Tuesday) I was going to be lugging loads of laundry across dark parking lots  or driving all the way out to our parents once a week, or (the most likely circumstance) wear the same pair of jeans for 2 and a half weeks.

That is what has been going on with me, and I'm loving it. OH and I kinda got bit by the crafting bug, I have been dreaming and swooning over craft websites for the past 6 months, but I finally started a project, post and pictures to come soon. :)

Love you all, have a great week!


  1. I'm so happy that you love your new job! That makes such a difference in your overall mood and happiness. It sounds like a great company/atmosphere. The move will be good too. Seriously having a washer and dryer is the best! Can't wait to see what craft you are working on!

  2. Yeah! I'm glad you love your new job and that it's already a permanent position. It makes such a difference in your whole life when you like going to work every day. Do you know what ward you'll be in? We have lots of friends in that area. We loved SW Portland/Tigard area.

  3. Congrats on the new job! It sounds awesome! :) I'm so glad you are enjoying it!