Friday, May 6, 2011

There's No Place Like Home... except on Broadway

so a LOOOOONNNNGGGGG time ago, like.. before Halloween, when I had thought it would be awesome if our family would be great being dressed up as the wizard of Oz, I made these bad boys.

Don't be jealous.
No Really.

Don't be jealous. These things are a mess. Glitter and glue that STILL doesn't seem to have dried completely and gets everywhere.
Consequently, we did not dress up for halloween. let alone get any trick-or-treaters even though we bought 6 bags of candy
These ruby slippers would be going nowhere near a yellow brick road, so, I decided I wanted to make them a decoration instead.  I love the wizard of oz, but even more so, I love WICKED. So, I was going to put these iconic copies on a shelf with "there's no place like home" on a sign next to them, but I decided that was a little too... cliche? Seriously, you can google "no place like home" and there's a ton of plaques of all different fonts and colors, that I like.. but I am REALLY loving craft blogs and amazed at all the other ladies creativity and inspirations they act upon, so I decided to put...

 on my sign, I know Nessa was the one who wore the shoes, but I like it all the same anyway. You see shoes you think wizard of oz and WICKED, to me it's a natural train of thought. I don't know why I'm defending myself right now, cause I loved it. Then all by my self, I borrowed a drill and screws and plastic wall thingys and hung the shelf up all by my self. HUZAH. Woman Power!

So... without further ado... my inspirational/crafty/home decor/movie broadway inspired shelf...

I put the shelf up higher, so you can't really see the insides of the shoes as much, cause they ain't pretty

3 of those 4 pictures were just put up yesterday. I'm loving this wall!

Cause the pictures are hard to see and I love them, I wanted to show them off!
This is not the photo that was on our wedding announcement, I had a different style invitation then that of my two older brothers, where they had the traditional invite on pretty paper, and then a black and white 4x6. 
Well, my mom got both of their photos and blown up to an 8x10 and bought three of the same frames to do with all three of us. So I printed out this one for her to complete the set. I've always liked it.. so I wanted an 8x10 of my own finally.
That was a really long winded explanation. 

Not to toot my own horn, but how cute and amazing and romantic is this photo of me and my hubby? 
Kudos to my brother Eli who took all of our engagement photos. (including the black and white one before) This picture was taken with us behind/underneath a clear plastic dome like umbrella, and my brother focused on the raindrops. 
One of my all time favorites, and had to get it in print to hang on my wall.

All of the above photos (except the one that I am in) were taken by me, at Thanksgiving this last year. The main man in the center is Ryan's grandpa, Grandpa Harold.  The lady down in the left corner is my MIL Leona, she absolutely loved that photo of him, but also the photos of all her other children and their spouses, if they currently have one, (the handsome pup is Aimee's dog child-Sammy) so this is what I gave Leona for mother's day, in an 8x10 in a frame. I put on her hutch as of yesterday, hidden behind all the birthday cards and you wouldn't notice it if you weren't looking for it.. Roger (FIL) and I are placing bets on how many days it'll take her to notice. ;)
I really liked the way it turned out, and wanted one for myself of my immediate in-law family (minus the nieces & nephews) 

Yay for photos and crafts and creativity! Now to get to work and clean up my mess! Ha. 
aka sit on the couch and watch my shows telling myself to get off my butt and clean up my mess :-P

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