Monday, February 10, 2014

Ella at 17 months

I just want to take a minute and document/blog about Ella. My crazy busy sweet and stubborn 17 month old. Here's a list of things that she can do!

Play Peek A Boo (and say Pee Boo! when she's playing)
Blow Kisses
When singing wheels on the bus with her she will do the hand over hand motion for "round and round"
Say "BYE" and wave
When you ask, What does a monkey say, she'll say "ah,ah,ah"
Dance! This girl loves to dance
Point out noses (where's your nose, where's Daddy's nose?)

Words she can say:
All Done (for a while she had only been signing this, but this week she started saying it!
Artie (Her first two word sentence was "Artie No!"
Bubble (SHE LOVES BUBBLES and requests them by name when she sees the bottle)
Bottle (this girl is an almond milk drinking fiend)
Debbie (Sounds like Bebbie)
Morning! (This one is my favorite)
Please (Peez)
Potty (shes gone potty on the potty about a dozen times now!)
Thank You (tank you)
Up (Usually this is a request for change in elevation, if she's already up in your arms, she'll say up because she wants down)
Uh Oh

She's still not that interested in TV for more than 15 seconds which means she's always running around and getting into something instead.
She doesn't have a security blanket or favorite stuffed animal that she has attached to yet, which I'm kind of grateful. Her favorite toys lately have been Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Klip Clop Princess castle, her Minnie mouse car and her babies, which is good, I've been trying to enforce be gentle with babies, give baby kisses and what not with a sibling on the way (which by the way, I think it's a boy with the way I've been feeling)
She loves playing with her books, but doesn't usually sit still for me to read one to her, I still try though.
Her best bud is Artie. It's adorable seeing them play together.
Favorite foods:
NOODLES. Of any kind really.
Fruit Roll Ups (I created a monster with this one)
Raisins and Craisins (would eat them all day everyday)
Chocolate Almond Milk
French Fries

I love my little honey bee. She keeps me busy and can be stubborn or feisty if something doesn't do what she wants. She loves her family and loves giving loves, kisses and hugs. She loves to explore and climb the stairs and couch. I'm so excited for her to go into nursery in less than a month! Ah! Will be so nice! We've been staying safe and warm despite the storm. Ella has been loving the attention with Daddy being home too! We had some family pictures taken right after Christmas and we finally got them back. This was one of my favorites. Ella and her cousin Ivy played so well together. It was so sweet.


  1. I love the pics of Ivy and Ella together--they look like sisters. Too bad Ivy's real sister refused to be in the pics with them.

  2. Aw sweet Ella girl! She is talking up a storm! I remember when Weston did that. I can't seem to coax any words out of Beckett yet. He just squaks at me. :) Oh well, he'll start talking eventually and if he's like the rest of my kids he won't ever stop! Love the pic of Ivy and Ella. All of those pics turned out really nice. Can't wait to find out if you're right about it being a boy. That would be super fun!