Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SOO Irritated

So, once I got married I changed my email. From alybow to alysewecker. Well, as you many have expected or experienced, changing emails is a pain in the butt. So is blogging with your old email. Have you ever tried to change your username for your blog? Don't. Just stick with the email you have. Long story short, I got my new email to be switched to the admin and there was no other place (as far as I could see) that was linking my blog back to the alybow email.

I deleted my alybow account.

Big mistake.

My blog still sort of existed. I could see the blog title, the old posts, but trying to view the blog put me in a dead end.


So I apologize the change, but I'm still here and blogging.

Moral Of The Story:


  1. I'm sorry. That is a pain. When I was first blogging I wanted to change the background of my blog. Well it erased all my friends blog links. It was such a pain. Computers suck sometimes.

  2. Ick, I'm sorry. I just changed my email, and I changed the username here on blogger. So far, I haven't had any problems, but I also haven't deleted my old account. Now that I heard your story, I don't think I ever will delete it =/ Crossing my fingers!