Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I can't even begin to describe how much I love having a dog. I love Benson so much, and I love Ryan even more for letting us get him! He is such a good boy. He lopes around the apartment when he's excited. He has the prettiest eyelashes. His ears are so soft and expressive, they bounce when he has them perked out to the side when we're on a walk. It's adorable.
He makes funny "feel good" noises in the morning when we rub his belly. He sticks his legs straight up into the air when he's on his back getting his belly rubbed.

He loves sticking his head out the window and closing his eyes. Barking hello at any pedestrians is also a favorite pass time.

He LOVES to run through the grass. Just for fun. He might pretend he's going after the ball you just threw, but in reality, he just loves to run around a run back to you.

 He LOVES meeting new people and dogs and giving lots of kisses. :)

 Unfortunately, Benson gets sick a lot. We're not quite sure what causes it. One time it was because he got into the garbage.  But other than that we can't really find a pattern. We don't feed him anything except dog treats and dog food, although he did have a habit of trying to eat from O'Mally's litter box, (Gag) I did some research on what to do (put red pepper in the litter, they don't like the smell) and that hasn't been a problem for a while. We're not sure what to do or what's wrong.

We love our benny boy. We take him with us where ever and whenever we can. We're so blessed to be able to have a loyal and loving dog in our family who loves us and keeps active and laughing.

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  1. I have tried to convince Nick MANY times to get a dog! (we live in my father in laws rental house... and he wouldn't like that.) But one day I hope to have a cute dog like yours! ;)