Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Better Half

I don't really know how to put into words how grateful I am for Ryan. He has a so-so job, that he goes to everyday anyway, he has pain in the butt teachers, that he goes to their classes anyway. We're tight on money, but he buys me little presents out of the blue anyway.

This week I wasn't feeling well, upset stomach, super achey all over and sore throat with all the sinus problems that go with it, Ryan came home from work late one night and had bought me the most beautiful necklace he knew I had admired at the jewelry store. I had no idea and it was such a wonderful surprise. So sweet of him.
I've tried and searched and looked to try and find a picture online to show you but with not success I'll post a picture of me wearing it sometime.

Then this morning... I woke up with UTI symptoms, burning sore throat and I'm still on my "lady time" I was even more miserable then I could've imagined. I felt so bad because today is Ryan's "Saturday" I had promised him we would go to the gym and olive garden, I did all I could to get ready and go, but there was no way I was going to make it. He has been so sweet and understanding. I immediately crashed and  went back in bed, while Ryan went to run errands. I slept till about 5 (I went to sleep around 2, just for the record) then I woke up to Artie softly growling, I of course had to pee, then heard Ryan coming up the stairs with an Olive Garden to-go food back and a raspberry lemonade. Seriously? how sweet is he?

love that man.

Don't know what I'd to without him.
Here are some favorite goofy pictures of Ryan & I. We're such dorks.

And then because we're adorable, I had to add a cute photo of us, this was at the Sock Hop at my parents ward. 
Love seeing him in lettermen's jacket. ow ow! ;)


  1. What a sweet, thoughtful, selfless husband! Good job Ryan! :) You two are adorable. I hope you feel better fast Aly!

  2. Aww cute! Hope you feel better soon. Make sure you get some antibiotics for your UTI. If you ignore it, it'll turn into a Kidney Infection. And trust me, those hurt sooooo bad.

  3. It's sure nice to have someone take care of you when you're sick. Hope you feel better soon.