Sunday, March 6, 2011


I'm a little bummed no one commented on my last post.

I worked hard on it.

How pathetic am I?



  1. You're not pathetic! I'm sorry I didn't comment. I saw your post and I'm so sorry that things have been busy and rough. I often catch up reading blogs when I am holding Talia and that makes it hard to type. :) Anyway, sending hugs your way and hoping that this week will be a better one for you!
    PS-I still need your new address!

  2. We enjoyed reading your last post. Sorry I didn't comment. I often don't get comments on my blog posts but people (much, much later) tell me that they enjoyed it. We're looking at it. And Ivy loves seeing pictures of "A"--that's what she calls you, the long A sound like in cat--and she can point you out in pictures. Hope that helps lift your spirits a little.

  3. Hey, I'm glad you commented on my blog because I think I had your wrong blog address or maybe you swithced.....i don't know! Anyways, it's fun to read your blog and see what you and Ryan and are up too. TAKE CARE!!