Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Early Christmas Present

A little music shop in Gresham is having an awesome sale on electric and acoustic guitars. Ryan & I stopped in.. and we now have a new addition to the family... meet Lucy (as in the vivacious red head we all know and love, Lucille Ball)

She is my early Christmas present. I Love it. My first metal string guitar I purchased from a store. I already have a nylon string classical, it is an heirloom and I love it, it's kinda exciting to buy a new guitar, and now I have TWO!
Which doesn't quite compare to Ryan's 5, but I'm working on it. ;)


  1. Fun! I love the red! Happy early Christmas to you! If there is anything else on your and Ryan's list please whisper it to me so I can get started on shopping for you. :)

  2. So when's the jam session? Yahoooo!

    Did your fingers balk at moving from nylon to metal? I was always such a wimp about that!