Saturday, October 1, 2011


Okay we're not really in Pickletown, we're in Bickleton. But my friends call it Pickletown and insist that zombies live up here, cause what else would? My brother and his family of course! Ryan & I made a quick trip up here lllaaaattteeeee last night. We saw 6 deer and killed a zillion bugs on our windshield, but we made it! We've been relaxing and watching general conference. Ate cinnamon rolls and cheesey dip so far. In between the morning and afternoon sessions, we walked to the post office and grabbed some lunch at the cafe and got back just in time to eat and then fall asleep during the session.

Here are some (a lot) photos of our endeavor into the windy town of Pickletown.

love that girl


  1. Very fun! Looks like they are having nice weather in Bickelton too. Enjoy your Conference Sunday and give Ivy a squeeze from me! :)

  2. Okay, the opening lines of this blog post cracked me up that I was laughing through all the pictures. :)