Saturday, February 11, 2012

10 weeks

Today I am 10 weeks pregnant with our little poppet.

My body decided to celebrate by making me throw up.
With no warning.
In the middle of the living room.

LUICKILY I had just finished my breakfast and still had my glass in my hand. Needless to say.....

I'll be washing that cup twice.

It other baby news, poppet is the size of a prune. We (hopefully!) have our first ultrasound on Thursday, and get to see/hear baby's heartbeat! We're very excited!!


We are very super incredibly excited and ecstatic about this. It will be right up his alley of working more with computers and software. And it's a Monday through Friday 9-5 kind of shift! We'll be able to have dinner together at a normal time! Yay! :)
The group he'll be working with are all married and have families so when it comes to Dr. Appointments and needing to stay home with me if I'm having a rough day, they completely understand. There's also talk of a possibility that he'll be able to work from home sometime in the future! We are so very excited and blessed for this opportunity and it couldn't have come at a more perfect time!


  1. Congrats to Ryan on the new job! (Is this the one you were telling me about?)

    Sorry about the throwing up though. Hopefully you can keep that to a minimum. Most people feel better by the beginning of 2nd trimester, which is just a few weeks away now, so hang in there (and try to keep your lunch down). Hopefully you won't throw up anything you love--I threw up bread when I was pregnant with Ivy and hated the smell of fresh baked bread for the rest of the pregnancy.

  2. Yea! we are excited to see him more too.

  3. Holy cow! I hadn't checked in for a while, and there you are pregnant! Sorry about the barfing bit, but YAY for baby!!!!