Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Facebook 'Friends'

I like facebook.

I'm probably on it way too much.

What I DON'T like about facebook, is when people who I was not friends with in middle/high school friend request me.

What the crap?

We weren't friends.

Why would you FRIEND REQUEST me?

It bugs me.


There's the friend that (TRUE STORY)

I see at the store, whom I haven't seen in person in a long time but.. yeah. easily recognizable. On both counts. She's on facebook a lot too.

Anyways, I smile at her, slow down to stop and say 'Hey, how are you?' and she ZOOMS past me after making eye contact.

What the crap?

**goes home, gets on facebook, finds profile, unfriend? CLICK!**

Is that horrible?

"Don`t spend time with someone 
who doesn`t care spending it with you!!!"

I saw this quote a while ago, and I know every person has an exception, and I don't mean to sound cut throat, cause I'm not. I Love people. I'm a people pleaser. Most importantly a FRIEND pleaser but... Sometimes I feel like I bend over backwards for people who don't respect me or even like me all that much and I deserve better from friends!! Don't you think? Thoughts?


P.S. Have you ever gone to the website unfriendable?! HILARIOUS  Check it out.


  1. I think it's a sign of maturity to worry more about the quality than the quantity of friendships. Some people use Facebook to collect friends and show how popular they are, others use it to keep in touch with people. Or to look at the profile page of their little brothers' serious girlfriend to make sure she's good for him--just a hypothetical scenario (but she likes Big Bang Theory, so she checks out). I don't think I've unfriended people, but I've ignored requests and permanently hidden updates of people that I'd rather not be in touch with. Don't waste your time worrying about people who are petty. Spend time with friends who don't need to be put into quotations. Those are my thoughts on the topic.

  2. Wow. That would hurt my feelings since I'm a people pleaser too. I think you did the right thing and have the right attitude about it. I have definitely denied friend requests from people that I was vaguely acquainted with in school, but didn't really know. There are others that I block their updates because they are annoying or whatever. I do love being able to stay connected to people that I would otherwise completely lose touch with though. And you know I will be checking out that website today!

  3. Oh I totally agree!! I get invites from other Moms all the time. Like all the sudden, since we both have a baby, we are now best friends? I don't think so! In high school, you were the "cool kid" and I was not, so you wouldn't even notice me in the hallway. But now you want to be buddies? No thank you. And I have totally had that thing happen at the store too, and I totally unfriend them the second I get home. Haha!

    1. I love how we have those types of things in common! the no-nonsense if you disrespect me or my family, YOU ARE OUTTA HERE!

  4. I agree, Alyse. I won't add a friend on Facebook unless we'd stop and talk if we ran into each other randomly on the street. People who have 600+ friends can't possibly be friends with all those people, and if they think they are, it's a very shallow relationship.