Sunday, March 4, 2012

$$$ Money! $$$

I am awesome.

No, really. I am awesome. I just saved a bunch of money on my baby stuff by looking on craigslist. :)

Instead of a stand alone  regular bassinet for baby, Ryan and I (well lets face it, mostly I) decided we wanted a co sleeper. It's a nifty little bed for baby that has half of a side missing so you can strap it next to your bed and baby sleeps right next to you, but not in the bed.

Like So...

Nifty eh?
 I really like the funny smile on that baby's face.

The catch was the cost.

on the website they are $189!


Even at target it's $140

But on Monday. Whilst I was doing mountains of laundry catching up on shows on hulu I got the impression....

I need to go on craigslist....

Well, I did.

And I found this little beauty.

FOR 60 BUCKS!!!!

It's in great condition and the lady that sold it to me was really sweet and had the cutest chunkiest babies I had ever seen (that I'm not related to, no one can surpass their cute to chunky ratio)

Mally really likes the storage area underneath....

But Wait There's More!

We also wanted a glider for the nursery.

Most that I have seen are $150 and up.

Guess how much I got this one for on Craigslist?


I am so incredibly happy and excited I followed that little prompting to go on craigslist cause it just saved us A LOT of money on things that we really wanted/needed for the nursery to be. 

Yay!! What has been your best buy of craigslist past??


  1. Woohoo! That is so exciting. It's so fun to sit in a rocker and look around your nursery and think about the sweet baby who will be there soon. Congrats on the great deals. I'm so proud. :) You are smart to have checked Craigslist. Baby gear is really pricey and plenty of people use their stuff for one kid and then are ready to get rid of it (although probably more people in OR than in UT). :) I'm still glad that we bought our nursery furniture new since it's having to really last, but the stuff you got looks like it's in really great shape.
    PS-Heard about the due date change. Boo. Hiss. Don't stress about it though. You never know when the little peanut will decide to come anyway.

  2. Very impressed. And I love the co-sleeper. One of the most annoying things after I feed Noelle in bed at night is getting back out of bed without jostling her and waking her up.

  3. Impressive! :) You'll be SO glad you got all that stuff for so cheap! This will allow you to save for things you can't get on craigslist (diapers, wipes, things like that.) Awesome find on that co sleeper thing! So cool!

  4. Cosleepers are AMAZING. Much better then bassinets because they don't get grown out of so fast. :) I was a huge craigslist junky. :) Baby things are so exciting!!