Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chocolate Clouds

If you know me, or have ever lived with me, you know I love a good chocolate cake or brownie. Nothing suits me better to have a little chocolate cake fresh out of the oven, not always fully cooked and devoured with a spoon. It was no surprise in college to have every roommate to have a corner of the pan and we'd work our way to the middle of the rich deliciously simple cake. Pudding cake as I dubbed it, and still sometimes make today. Even Ryan who insists he wants his baked goods fully cooked can't resist the warm decadence of a simple chocolate cake.

I love the little chocolate cake. and one day, I didn't want to make it better, cause it was already fantastic and simple enough, I just wanted to use it as a base for different kinds of cakes, like soup stock to make other soups, it would be my cake stock.

So there's this local bakery LITERALLY 10 yards from my front door and they make heavenly cupcakes. My favorite is the cookies & cream cupcake. It's rich and chocolately and seems to have a middle whipped cream/marshmallow layer of frosting. Whenever I walk in, they know what I'm there for.

So I wanted to try and create a cookies and cream substitute, for when I get that Sweet Cakes craving, but can't justify to Ryan the cost of a cupcake every month (or week, or day)

So I made the easy make chocolate cake, and then I added a container of marshmallow creme.  I got a .99 cent little tub of the Winco brand stuff, and mixed it into the batter.  Then I found some random chocolate frosting recipe and added the cream to that. It makes the cupcakes so light and fluffy, and the frosting rich and creamy and light and OMH MY GOODNESS THAT IS SO GOOD.

It's chocolate and marshmallow heaven.


Have a favorite cake recipe? Add some marshmallow cream to it. See what happens.

You'll thank me later.

Today I made a boxed cake mix and added the remaining marshmallow magic cream to the mix to lighten and flavor it up... I'll let you know how they turn out!

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  1. We tried that today. And it is delicious. We made them into cupcakes and after eating one, Eli looked at the rest and said, "I could eat them all right now." They are definitely on Ivy's birthday menu.

    I also found out about Boston Cream Pie. Apparently it's always called pie even though it's always a cake because where it originated, they cooked the cake in a pie pan.