Thursday, November 15, 2012

That Awkward Moment...

So this happened about 4 months ago, but I never got around to finishing the story and posting it, so here you go. Feast upon and laugh at my awkwardness.

So yesterday I was on my way to Debbie's house (my floral boss) I had just pulled off the freeway and was stopped at a light when I looked on my dash and I saw a little symbol lit up that wasn't lit up a minute ago. I am not a car mechanical savvy girl, however I did know that that meant something was wrong with my tire pressure. As the light turned green and I started to drive I heard this strange thel-ump thel-ump thel-ump sound I pulled over into a parking lot that had a little pizza place, a plaid pantry and some quaint little dive called the lucky rooster. The rear passenger tire was flat. Fantastic. Luckily I was only about 10 minutes from Debbie's house, I was in a parking lot, not the side of the road (parked next to a cop car no less) I still had cell service, it wasn't dark, it wasn't raining, I had my trusty wuss of a guard dog Artie with me, and the tire didn't blow out.
I wasn't hurt, there was no accident, all things considering I am blessed.
I called Jason (Debbie's hubby) for him to come help me. I had never changed a tire before. I was seven months pregnant trying to change a tire on a new car and I bet my body pillow I wouldn't have been able to loosen the lug nuts on that tire even with my super human pregnant strength no matter how hard I tried. As I waited I tried to figure out where the crap the spare tire even was, our last car it was under the back storage compartments, on this one (as I now know) it is tethered underneath the car and you use the tool to loosen the cord to bring the tire down. As I was fiddling around trying to figure stuff out a gentleman that had looked friendly going into the pizza place, came out and asked "do you need help?" "well yeah kinda, I have a friend on the way, you can take your pizza to your family." He said, no they can wait and proceeded to try and help me figure out how to get my spare tire out and changed. While he was on his hands and knees looking under his car, his shirt had pulled up a little bit and revealed the very top 1/2 inch of garment bottoms showing from underneath his shorts.

Without thinking I ask, "are you LDS?"
Him: "Uh.. yeah... how'd you know that?"
I panicked and glanced at his hand for a CTR ring, no such luck. I didn't want him to think I just automatically look to see if he was a boxers or briefs kinda guy. It just happened!
"......I uh... saw the band of your G's sticking out..."

I'm not sure who was mortified more. I could've said "well who else would be so kind as to stop and help a pregnant lady change her tire?!," or "you just had a spiritual glow about you"
but no, it was ,"I caught a glimpse of your undies!!! Hehehe I'm a creeper!!!"
He kinda laughed and tugged at his shirt. Then changed the topic and asked what ward I was in and yada yada yada. Jason came and he and Doctor Iceman (he's a dentist, of course he's a dentist, half the mormon men I grew up around were dentists) changed my tired, I thanked him profusely and he went on his way. It was a moment of gratitude... Except for a few days later when getting a new tire cost me $70. But that's a whole different saga.

So the moral of the story is, don't tell someone you've never met before you know something about them by telling them you saw what kind of underwear they are wearing. *facepalm*

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  1. Hahahahahahaha.... Well at least you'll never see the guy again!