Wednesday, January 2, 2013

4 Months

My little El Bell is 4 months old tomorrow. She is such a sweet and feisty little girl.

Here's an update on how our little firecracker is doing.

Nick Names: Ella, El, Lovebug, Stinker, Tooty McToots, Fussy Briches, Stink Magee

Loves: Sleep, Watching football or basketball with either of her two main men, her kick and play piano, baths. Practicing standing up

Favorite Toy: Grandpa Bowles, crinkle paper

The New Cool Thing to Do: Squealing and Laughing! Grabbing her toy or burp cloth and bringing it to her mouth. Suck on her hands, she makes some impressive slurping & sucking sounds.

Is not impressed by: Not being able to see what's going on around the room! Getting clothes put on her when she's enjoying being a naked girl. Sitting in a we/dirty diaper (but lets be honest, who WOULD like that?)  Her car seat

Not so fun for Mom & Dad: Explosive spit up. Dribbly spit up. Unexpected spit up. Silent spit up. I-can't-beleive-you-had-that-much-in-you-why-won't-it-stop spit up.

We love our sweet girl. She snuggles. Smiles and laughs and SQUEALS like you wouldn't believe when she wakes up happy. Which makes her mama happy. She is still has a full head of peach fuzz that is constantly covered in kisses. Happy 4 months baby girl! you're getting so big!

Here's some pictures and a video of our little love.

She thought her name was so funny

Ella & Dr. Traynor. She's about 8 weeks old

Before her first plane ride

Dinosaur Museum in Utah the week of Thanksgiving

Ella's First movie. Wreck It Ralph

With Daddy at the Ward Christmas Dinner

Smiley girl

At the Wecker Christmas Eve Dinner

Happy New Year from the Weckers!


  1. That's such a great family picture, but I'm sure you already know that. Ella is getting so big! Sometime after three months they start being more than a little lump and are a lot more fun. Sorry about the spitting up though--been there, done that, and it's miserable.

  2. So fun! Can't believe how quickly the babies are getting bigger! I love that pic of you guys by the tree too. :)