Sunday, May 2, 2010

I need a fairy godmother to grant all my wants and wishes.

So my birthday is in less then a month, and I've been dreaming about what I would want if money 
or defying science was not a problem. Heh. Yeah... Right.

-Beautiful house
-Floral shop
-Flourishing floral and vegetable garden

-Recording studio for ryan
-Craft room for me
-White kitchen with red accessories

-A library-with tons of childrens’ books and American classic novels. Emilee would help me fill the shelves and organize them correctly ;)
-A Comforable pair of white heels ( I can’t find them ANYWHERE)
-A red kitchen aid mixer
-My wedding dress cleaned and put into one of those special boxes
-Every (good) Disney movie on DVD, including the pixar shorts.
-A puppy

-A new car
-A massage
-Real simple magazine subscription for the rest of my life
-$10,000 shopping spree
-Teleporting abilites
-A pink vespa, with an attatchable seat thing for benson to ride in

-A golf cart
-Mac Desktop Computer
-Mac Laptop for Ryan
-Macbook for me
-A beach house
-Trip to Vegas
-one of those automatic cat litter box cleaners, or better yet, train Mally to use the toilet, like in meet the parents
-Glee CD's
-All of our wedding photos printed and put into a photo album
-A professional decorator to make my home look totally awesome, but totally us.
-A time machine
-endless supply of cream soda, and sweet tomatoes strawberry lemonade.
-vacation to italy
-super mario brothers for Wii
-a guitar
-private jet for Ryan to fly us anywhere
-a magical fairy to do my dishes and clean my house

What's on your ultimate wish list?


  1. Wow, we have a lot in common!

  2. I love the mix of small wishes and impossible ones. But hey, if we're dreaming big...

    A good job for Eli.
    A house with a library, an awesome kitchen, a dark room, and a Bug workshop for Eli.
    My pre-pregnancy belly.

  3. OMGosh, I love the little puppy! :) I can take care of the massage for you. I know a really good massage therapist. :)