Sunday, May 23, 2010


105: Minutes long the movie "Letters to Juliet" was. It was cute, predictable, but awesome scenery. I totally want to go to Europe.

40: Current number of "people like this" on the Chase Your Dreams Floral Design Fan page I made on facebook, if you haven't yet, like it here!

20: Days since I've blogged. Sorry. 

16: Probably the number of times I've played mario kart since we borrowed it from my parents.

13: Boutonnieres I'll be making this weekend for this huge, awesome, beautiful wedding Debbie and I are doing this weekend!

15: Minutes early I was to work on Friday (that was a freaking miracle)

10: Toes that need a pedicure!

9: Days till my birthday!

7: Nights (within in the last 20) that I've had vivid crazy dreams. 2 which involved me driving a car off a cliff or bridge and free falling. Creepy. I lived both times though. Which is good.

6: Loads of laundry I did today. (yeah, that's right SIX)

5: I think the number of times it rained while Debbie and I tried (and eventually succeeded) planting pumpkin seeds on Saturday. It was super fun! I haven't gardened or played/worked in the mud and dirt for a long time. It was kind of invigorating.

4: muddy paws I had to rinse off because a certain favorite k9 of mine was LOVING running around in the mud while Debbie and I worked outside.

3: how many bouquets Debbie made on Thursday/Friday that were Tuscan themed and absolutely gorgeous

2: Days I worked last week.

1: Beloved family member lost this week, Kevin Wecker, (Ryan's Cousin) survived cancer last year, and was seemingly cancer free at Christmas. He was the life of the party, so fun, so caring and genuine. He loves acting, and making people laugh! He was a complete joy to have around. Unfortunately, in mid February, they discovered he had cancer once again, in his throat, and jaw. I was able to go with Ryan's siblings and father to bring his family a meal, and say goodbye. Ryan had to be at a districts track meet, and sadly couldn't go. Sunday evening, around 3, we received a phone call from Ken, saying Kevin had passed away a few hours ago. Kevin has a wonderful, strong, amazing wife and 3 beautiful children. Please, keep the Wecker Family in your  prayers.

Having a moment of wanting to "carpe diem." Life is short and there's still so many things I and counting on doing in my life, on my own for myself, and with Ryan. 

I count on being happy, going on adventures, having countless romantic evenings with Ryan, and a billion moments of laughter and fun, and probably even more pictures taken.

I feel like this post is a little scatterbrained, I have so many thoughts and don't know how to put them into words.

I'm so grateful for all I have, and I'm counting on having so much more to be thankful for in my future. But it's all up to me, to provide the numbers to add up.

What are you counting on?

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  1. I don't think I even have enough clothes for 6 loads of laundry! I hope that included sheets and towels. :)

    So sorry about Ryan's cousin. That is so sad. Especially a bummer that Ryan didn't get to say goodbye.

    Glad you are enjoying working with flowers and dirt again! Also, I need to get your birthday package in the mail. Only 9 more days!