Monday, May 31, 2010

Ode to Debbie

I had an interesting experience during the week of Mother's Day. I was able to work in a floral shop that was a little short handed.

**Looks around to see if any shop florists are near by**

I didn't like it.

The lady in charge seemed so stressed and loathing of everything, every flower, every day, and every arrangement. It wasn't fun for her. She's been doing this for 20 years, and she doesn't seem to love flowers, love learning new things, or love her job.

I don't want that.

It made me even so much more grateful to be able to work with my friend Debbie Chase.

We do special events and weddings, get to pick and chose who and when we work, and we keep our love of flowers alive! Every wedding is a learning experience. Whether or not we try to find new ways of getting arrangement precariously from her house to the wedding site, or discovering that iris’s make for delicate boutonni√®res.

It’s a lot of fun working with Debbie. She’s much more then just a friend to me, she’s seriously my role model. She works 40+ hours a week, and still comes home and works in her garden, feeds all her animals (cows, chickens, and goats) and her dream is to expound and work on her farm and to find something that ‘makes her heart sing.’

You would never know she’s in jeans and rubber boots covered in mud on the weekends, up to her elbows in dirt.

She’s cares so much about her work and her reputation. She is open minded to every one and everything, I know I could ask her advice about any problem I have, and she would understand completely how I’m feeling and totally put my mind at ease.

I tease her all the time about being glamorous. (Cause she really is, she just denies it)
But she’s more than that. Debbie has taught me that you can do everything, and anything you want and love. The nicest person I’ve ever met, and I’m so lucky to call her my friend!

Here are some pictures of Debbie’s work! I say Debbie’s work cause honest to goodness, she does the designing, I clip and clean and hand off and make the boutonnieres and corsages, but when it comes to the heavy lifting, Debbie takes the wheel. I’m mostly there for comedic stress relief.



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  1. Oh Alyse, that was so sweet and so well written! I honestly believe that you are my role model. I get so intensely caught up in what I'm doing, because I care, that I forget to take it easy, not take myself too seriously and really enjoy what I'm doing. I don't know that I believe all of it, but you really make me feel good about my work and what I do. Thank you, thank you for appreciating our friendship. I do too! Now you'll have to check out my blog... :) Wait, give me some time to go write it first... :)