Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 3 & 4

Day 3

My parents.

My parents are Jim and Denny Bowles.

They were married 30 years ago in the Manti Temple.

First off, I am a daddy's girl through & through. My dad is a nurse anthesitist. He has worked at Kaiser for about 21 years. He is quite the handy man around the house. Loves BYU football. ( I think the word love is kind of an understatement, nothing rings more true to say that he bleeds blue) He likes fully cooked chocolate chip cookies, action movies and was once a big star trek watcher. My dad is kinda of a goober sometimes. He loves making people laugh and prefers to see the good in people. His "dream dog" is a border collie. When Jedi (the first family dog) was alive, after he would give her a bath he would play "torro torro" which was like bull fighting with her with a towel to make drying her off more like a game and a lot more entertaining. As far as I know he's only ticklish on his feet. He reads alot of books. He has been known to dress up in a grass skirt and coconut bra and sing a parody of aloha oy. He loves to swing and ballroom dance.He likes Kozy Shack pudding and hot tamales when they are in a bag, not a box, they stay fresher that way. He would give me and my brothers father's blessings at the begining of every school year. He enjoys playing card games with the family. He is my dad. I love him very much.

My mom's favorite color is purple. She is a kindergarten teacher. She takes a nap almost every day after school. She gets excited when reading "duck! rabbit!" or any of the pigeon books. She loves going to the sock hop at school and getting to wear her saddle shoes and polka dot skirt. She makes excellent chocolate chip cookies, sheet cake, easy bake chocolate cake, cheesy chicken, and apple pie. She tends to go for more of a romantic comedy genre of movies. She loves to sew but wishes she had more time to do so, espeically quilts.. She misses her two grandsons terribly and is always so impressed with how smart they are, she also loves her first granddaughter Ivy and how much fun she is, and I know she is SO excited for her second granddaughter to be coming in December. She gets car sick if she doesn't sit in the front. She likes to play cards and swing dance. She misses her teaching partner Donna Brown who recently retired. Dianne "me" Morgan is her best friend. She prefers seats/couches/chairs that when she sits in them her feet can touch the ground, but she's kinda short, so furniture like that is hard to come by. She likes french dip sandwhiches, and stealing cookie dough out of the mixer. She is my mom. I love her very much.

Day 4-What I ate Today

Eggo waffles.

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  1. i miss your mom. i remember when she sub'd for us in elementary school. such an awesome mom. how do you follow someone??