Thursday, September 30, 2010

Days 4, 5 & 6? I've lost count

Day 5-Definition of love.

In the year and a bit that I've been married, my definition of love (in one word!) is:


Day 6-My day

It's going alright. It's currently 85* yeah I know, It's SEPTEMBER and it's 85* in OREGON!!!.


Ryan has class tonight from 6-10 (bleh!) But that means time alone with my puppies and time to take a bubble bath, watch dancing with the stars whilst I already know the results and I'm just as critical as Bruno. (which in my opinion, yeah he was kinda harsh to Mr. Bolton, but that's his job, he's nowhere compared to as mean as Simon Cowell)

I'm planning on vacuuming, cleaning the spare room, and working on baby bowles' present that I need to finish up before the wedding next weekend (!)

Day 7-My best friend

My best friend is Ryan, but outside of marriage, my best friend is Caitlin Leigh. She was my "yellow" bridesmaid for those of you who don't know.

She's intelligent, theatrical, adventurous, creative, trustworthy, knowledgeable, dependable, hilarious, helpful, supportive, and keeps me in line.

I love her.  She's awesome. 

I was talking to Ryan the other day about how he doesn't have any (close) friends. At least ones that he doesn't hang out with. and I said to him, "Honey, I know you have friends, you should hang out with them, like I do with Caitlin, you need a Caitlin, heck, everyone needs a Caitlin"

So true.

We're taking guitar class together and it's a blast, I don't know why we didn't discover community education classes sooner. It is so much fun to have the "girl time" once a week and at the same time be learning something fun we can share together.

Everyone needs a Caitlin who you can talk to about anything and know she'll be 
there to listen and someone to go on adventures with. 

Who's Your Caitlin?

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  1. Mine would be my sisters. lol. with all the moving we have done we don't really get a chance to make good friends. and you learn to be very careful around the military wives.