Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Raining, Cats & Dogs.

Yes yes, I know.It rains a lot in Oregon. Approx 36.3 inches per year.
I was born in Oregon, I was raised in Oregon, I grew up in Oregon, my parents were even so gracious enough to inform me I was conceived in Oregon.

I'm used to the rain. I even like it.

I've missed the cold, the fireplaces, the boots, scarves and jackets, hot cocoa and the desire to bake because it warms my house and doesn't over heat it.

I'm excited for fall/winter.

I was worried that Artie would be a little stinker about the rain, its the first time he's ever seen it ya know. I was afraid he wouldn't want to go into the grass to do his business, but last night when we went on out walk he was running as fast as ever after Benson and both of them got completely SOAKED, but he did fine. He was rather playful when I was drying him off, he kept trying to play tug-o-war. He's so funny. He's gotten so big too!

Artie and Benson have gotten SO much better with each other, they play together when Artie gets in "rabbit mode" (he's a little speed demon running around on the grass) and it's just awesome to see them getting along.
Sometimes Artie still tries to bug Benson when he is definitely not in the mood to play, but Benson lets him know when he has enough.

Mally has gotten more used to Artie too, meaning he doesn't get within 2 feet of him unless he's sleeping or else he'll be attacked and Artie will walk away triumphantly with a small tuft of his fur. On the plus side, the faster Artie gets, the faster Mally runs so he's getting some good exercise.

One night we had all three of the animals on the bed, well, once both the older boys knew Artie was asleep.
I don't know what I'd do with out my boys. They make life more of an adventure, and I know some of the time Ryan is cursing under his breath. But when you wake up to puppy kisses and see big brown eyes staring at you and he's curled up against your chest.. it just makes it all worth it some how.


  1. I just don't think I'll ever be an animal person like you are. When you say "wake up to puppy kisses" I hear drool and stinky puppy breath. :) Glad that Artie is settling to the mix though and that he did well in the rain. I am ready for baking season to start up again too. My summer meal repertoire is getting old and a constant supply of fresh baked treats is always good.

  2. I love your pets! :) They are so stinkin cute!!